Thursday, July 3, 2008

Language Portal Search Tool - Bidirectional Search Enabled!

The Language Portal Search Tool now offers bidirectional search functionality. Up to this month, search was only possible from English to target language. Going forward, it is also possible to look up English terms entering a target term into the search text box. When using target to English search, the name of the target language needs to be selected in the drop down list entitled "Language" (same as for English to target search). Then check the checkbox "Reverse search direction".

Step-by-step description of reverse search:

1. In the search text box, enter a non-English IT term, for example "klicken" (the German term for English "click").

2. In the language drop down list, select the language affiliated with the non-English search term (in this case, "German").

3. Select the check-box "Reverse search direction".

4. Click on the "Search" icon.

The search tool will now display the English term(s) and strings associated with German "klicken".

Source- Technet Blog

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